What's Been Added Lately

October 5, 2002 – Posted photo of Oswald Reginald Bodwell 1883 and family.  Photo sent in By Oswald’s great grand daughter:  Mary Jo Armstrong.  Also thanks to Mary Jo for the terrific Oswald biography she sent along with the photo.

October 4, 2002 – Received new information on the children of Andrew Glidden Bodwell 1844 and his father Hiram 1800. Courtesy of Sharon Gunter, Andrew’s ggdaughter via Hiram’s daughter Agnes. 

July 22, 2001 – Posted photo of George W. Bodwell 1821 – Received this photo from Virginia Adams who is a gg grand daughter of George.  Many of you will recognize George W. as one of two fellows who captured Jefferson Davis at the end of the Civil War.  There was a large reward ($40,000 in gold if I remember correctly) that George shared with the other troopers.  I believe this allowed him to return to quit the pioneer life in Michigan and return to New England where he was, at least for some time celebrated as a war hero. 

July 22, 2001  - Received some corrections and new information from Linda Sue Bodwell Hardin on the Clovis Bodwell family.  Thanks Linda, corrections and new information are always welcome.

February 23, 2001 – Posted photos of Don Robert Bodwell 1885, his wife Ruth Clark Bodwell, and one of their children: Sarah Jane Bodwell. All courtesy of Toby Fritz, son of Sarah Jane Bodwell Fritz.  Thanks Toby.

February 21, 2001 – Posted photos of Franklin Partridge Bodwell 1844 his wife Edith Fox Bodwell, and their children Harriet and Ernest Bodwell.  Also posted photos of Jean McConnell Bodwell, wife of Bailey Bodwell 1803, and their daughter Sarah.  All these photos thanks to Jack Schrader, ggson of Franklin P. Bodwell via Harriet Elizabeth Bodwell 1885.

February 18, 2001 – Posted a new picture of the old Henry Bodwell homestead.  This one’s the best quality yet.  Thanks to Anne Arner or Lawrence,  Massachusetts.

February 12, 2001 – Noted birth of Henry Cole Bodwell, July 13, 2000 to Bradley Richard Bodwell 1959 and Vicki Mote Bodwell.  A hearty welcome to the latest Bodwell.

December 10, 2000 –Noted birth of Erika Katherine Bodwell to Walter Rodman Bodwell 1971 and Tara (Stacey) Bodwell, their second girl.  Welcome aboard Erika.

November 13, 2000 – Received a book excerpt from Elford Messer that describes an event in the Civil War involving Alvin Powers Bodwell 1839 .

October 3, 2000- Found new information placing Eliphalet Bodwell 1738, James Bodwell 1713, John Bodwell 1723, Joshua Bodwell 1736, and Benjamin Bodwell 1741 in militia companies during the French and Indian War (1755-1763).  Of particular interest are the stories of young Eliphalet, who was among the defenders of Ft. William Henry at the time of its capture.  His father, James, was a part of the force that was sent to relieve the siege of the fort. 

September 27, 2000 – Received photo of Mary Grace Bodwell and Emma Jane Bodwell , daughter and wife of Joseph Francis Bodwell 1841 from Jim Gracey, Riverside, California.  Thanks Jim.

March 5, 2000- Received photo's of Vincent C. Bodwell 1850 and his wife Florence from Pat Teal Glasner of Cotati, Ca. Thanks Pat.

March 4,2000- Added a link to the Methuen, Mass Historical Society's page on Methuen history "Bridges from the Past".

February 18, 2000 - New information about Harry T. Bodwell's 1882 commercial development of the Bonnet Shores Beach Club.

February 14, 2000 - Received some ancient photos of Bodwells from Cousin Connie Scholl, of Ellicott City, Md. Connie is in the Cody line: Abigail Vining Bodwell was her great-grandmother. We now have photos of Ebenezer Vining Bodwell 1827, two of his sons: Fredwald Hiram Gordon Bodwell 1857 (see bottom of Ebenezer's page, and Frank Vining Fife Bodwell 1863. To top it off, Connie sent in photos of Charles Gradison Cody and his two wives: Abigail Euseba Bodwell 1821 and her sister, Hannah Agnes Bodwell 1835. Photo's of all three can be found at the bottom of James Bodwell 1794

June 10, 1999 - Received a time capsule from the past in the form of a letter written by Ethel Sutherland Bodwell in 1903. Makes for very interesting reading, particularly as she describes the Northern Bodwell Clan's Christmas gathering at the turn of the century.

March 30, 1999- Received a photos and paintings of members of the John Hanford Bodwell 1846 family and a photo of his son John H Bodwell, Jr. 1886 and in the process solved one of the great Bodwell Mysteries: Who was that A. V. Bodwell who painted the landscape painting displayed in "Mysteries"?

March 9, 1999- Connected Ebenezer Bodwell 1785 to the family tree as the fifth child of Nathaniel Bodwell 1755 based on strong logic from Geoffrey Bodwell.

March 7, 1999- Received shocking information on the tragic death of Wallace Bodwell son of Samuel Bodwell 1810.

March 2, 1999-Received new biographical information on John Hanford Bodwell 1846 and his son John Hanford Bodwell, Jr. 1886 plus loads of date and place corrections on this end of the family from Sarah Dunlap. We're very grateful Sandy.

February 24, 1999-New information in on Willis Elliot Bodwell 1882 from Sandy House. Thanks Sandy. Also for the somewhat curious, here's a photo of my family Donald James Bodwell 1945 and my long-time e-mail cousin Benjamin Richard (Dick) Bodwell 1936 and his wife.

 Feb 22, 1999- Judy Bodwell Kaiser was kind enough to send in information on her father Walter Calvin Bodwell 1927, and his father William Sumner Bodwell 1883. Also we are indebted to Udell Arthur Bodwell 1949 for information on himself, his father Richard Arthur Bodwell1921, and his grand-father Fay H. Bodwell 1894. While you are on Udell's page be sure to check out his link to the family homepage he and Linda created. I particularly enjoyed "Creole Corner". And if you like the new Masthead on the Bodwell Family Home Page you have Udell Bodwell to thank. Very creative fellow. Then from Elford Messer, South Portland, Me we have our first photo of a Bodwell log cabin belonging to Oliver P. Bodwell 1830. And finally a photo of Dr. Jack E. Bodwell 1947 I skimmed off the Internet.

 Feb 8, 1999- More photo's. This time Zadok C. Bodwell 1843 and family. Thanks to Jackie Stutz in Flagstaff, Az for these shots from Sac City, Ia. Then many of you have corresponded with Geoffrey L. Bodwell, the family compiler, I had this photo of Geoff for awhile but just got it scanned tonight. As long as we're in the neighborhood, here's a photo of Geoff's dad Howard Lionel Bodwell 1881. Then from Ken Stacey, great-grandson of Daisy Bodwell we have these photos of Joseph Albert Bodwell's 1850 and his wife and daughter Daisy. You should also check out the letter Joseph sent to his wife from Mexico circa. 1883.

 Feb 1, 1999- What a nice surprise. From Henry Hassell, of Amelia, Va: a photo of Augustus Bodwell 1838. Don't rush past this Civil War veteran because at the bottom of the page are pictures of two of his daughters! Also from Henry Hassell a snapshot of the Bodwell homestead in Methuen. Also got some updated information in from Scott Bodwell 1963. Thanks for setting us straight Scott!

 Jan 31, 1999 - Ever wonder what those Bodwell ancestors looked like. Well here's three you've never seen before: Oliver P. Bodwell 1831 and wife Clarissa Frost Bodwell. Then there's this drawing of Asa M. Bodwell 1812. Then I'd be remiss if I didn't add my only photo of great-grandfather, Major John B. Bodwell 1838. Hey I'm getting good with this scanner! Fixed up the old photo of the Methuen homestead.

 Jan 13, 1999 - A new year and new information has been uncovered: Check out Nelson 1803's wife Salenda. Must be two sides to this story! Then we have a nice little biographical sketch on Joseph Eban Bodwell 1854 and another on David Bodwell 1826' son Oscar. Then there's the pioneering story of Jane Bodwell Robbins daughter of Charles Bodwell 1788 - She must have loved John a great deal to put up with his wanderlust.

 Nov 22, 1998 - At last! The father of Solomon Bodwell 1780 revealed. Thanks to Colleen Hendry Smith, Camp LeJune, N. C. Thanks Coleen! Let the record show that Geoff Bodwell, the family compiler, has his doubts, but I think the Spanish priest got it right.

 Nov 1, 1998 - While passing through Waco, Texas visited the Texas Rangers Museum and found additional information on Celcius Bodwell 1854 part in the 1878 destruction of the Bass Gang of train robbers.

Oct 31, 1998 - Walter Jones, grandson of Jeanie Marion Bodwell sent in this report on the occupation and cause of death of Willis Earl Bodwell 1855.

July 1, 1998 - Uncovered a clue from a strange source that hints at the occupation that employed Augustus Bodwell 1783 in Connecticut.  Also found a history of Kansas that solves a mystery about Anson Bodwell 1801 appearance in Kansas.  And found an obituary for a fine relative: Aubrey Bodwell 1906.  So, in this case the A's have it.

May 25, 1998 - Received a biographical sketch on Charles Murray Bodwell 1925 from his son Charles Murray Jr. Thanks Charlie. Also found a brief resume for Willard Arthur (Bill) Bodwell (1935) on the Internet. I received some biographical information from Carol Warren, daughter of Burke Everett Bodwell 1920, describing his short but adventuresome life. Thanks Carol - let me have the Coast Guard information when your ready. Last, I received some more details on the life of Celcius Putnam Bodwell 1854, our Lone Texas Ranger.

February 14, 1998 - Added a new section "A Road Named Bodwell"

February 11, 1998 - Found a reference about the Rev. Charles Bodwell 1876's 1927 election to the position of Director of the New England Watch and Ward Society. And on a sad note I learned that Jean Bodwell-Lohr, one of the key researchers of the Bodwell lines died late last month

December 7, 1997 - Found an obit for Kenneth Marshall Bodwell 1913, who died in 1995 at the age of 83.

November 22, 1997 - Finally got around to keying "Bodwell Blue" - The story of Governor Joseph R Bodwell's establishment and operation of the Bodwell Granite Company on Vinalhaven Island, Maine.

November 6, 1997 - Found a newspaper article describing Marion Francis Bodwell 1904 foray into the motion picture business in Wyoming, Illinois. Also found an obit on Verne Elwood Bodwell 1913 describing his teaching career and interest in Amature Radio. Finally, found new information providing an insight into the business dealings of Rhode Island State Senator Harry T. Bodwell 1882.

November 1, 1997 - Received very clear copies of Marietta, Ohio Court of Common Pleas cases involving Joshua Bodwell 1765. The seven cases are scattered over four years from 1799 to 1803 and provide some insight into his life and times. Also received from Bob Spidell in Anahiem, California a copy of Ebenezer Bodwell 1785's record for service in the War of 1812. The service record includes a physical description of Ebenezer.

October 31, 1997 - Obtained Dallas, Texas City Directory listings for Benjamin Halsey Bodwell 1815 that provide a glimpse into his occupation and nuclear family. Similar City Directory information uncovered for Raymond Goodwin Bodwell 1881 in Houston, Texas and Polly Ebenezer Bryant Bodwell 1874, in Seattle, Washington.

October 4, 1997 - San Francisco Morning Call Newspaper articles obtained describing the unusual death of John Damon Bodwell 1840. Who's Who on the Pacific Coast for 1951 obtained from the Sacramento State Library describing Donald Craighead Bodwell 1899 successful career as an engineer and lawyer. DAR records discovered revealing Harry Horton Bodwell 1829 windmill business and his son Harry Washington Bodwell 1860 career. And from the History of California an extensive sketch of California Pioneer Joseph F. Bodwell 1841.

September 25, 1997 - In 1838 Maine had a funny little war with Canada in which no one was killed. And a Bodwell was there: David Bodwell 1806. Added a link to a write-up on the Aroostook War on David's page.

September 24, 1997 - New biographical information received on James Reed Bodwell 1951, his father John Cauthon Bodwell 1921, and his grandfather Fredwald St. Clair Bodwell 1888. Also received biographical data for Dr. William Mortimer Bodwell 1884, Dartmouth classes of 1906 and 1908.

September 3, 1997 - Information located on Newman Bodwell son of Nelson Farmer Bodwell 1803. Also tracked down the genesis of the naming of the Bodwell Lounge at the University of Maine. Photos added for John T. Bodwell 1923, Paul G. Bodwell 1917, and Paul G. Bodwell Sr.1885 with his Leaf Pickerupper invention.

August 1, 1997 - Thanks to Heather Robertson of Des Moines, Washington for the following great scenes from the Bodwell past: Mary Griswold Bodwell to the rescue. The accidental shooting of Erastus Bodwell 1804. Ebenezer Bodwell's service in the Canadian Parliament , Polly Ebenezer Bryant Bodwell's tour on the Seattle police force, and James Vining Bodwell's accidental death on the Frazer River. Many thanks Heather.

July 28, 1997 - New evidence strongly places Lt. Eliphalet Bodwell 1738 and Private Parker Bodwell 1750 in the thick of the fighting for the redoubt in the Battle of Bunker's Hill (see the end of the Bunker's Hill write-up). Also an interesting story about Zadok Bodwell 1773 and one of the veterans of the Battle of Bunker's Hill. Also new information explaining Samuel Bodwell 1730 participation in the Methuen vote for the Articles of Confederation. Finally, tamer fare, as we present the ministry of the Reverend Joseph Conner Bodwell 1812 and the addition of Joseph Conner Bodwell, Jr's civil war capture upon escape from Harper's Ferry, September 13, 1862.

July 3, 1997 - From the National Archives received copy of the Honorable Discharge of Frederick Bodwell 1787 for service in the War of 1812. Also from the National Archives, received the Civil War service record for Capt. James L. Bodwell of the 14th N. J. Volunteer Infantry.

June 25, 1997 - New background information received on Chester Arthur Bodwell 1888 outlining his role in the shoe manufacturing industry. Thanks to Doug Bodwell, Alexandria, Va. Also received the dates of William Bodwell 1747 service as Deacon in the first church in Methuen, Massachusetts.

June 15, 1997- Added extensive biographical information on the Reverend Abraham Bodwell 1777 and his ministry in Sanbornton, Nh. New biographical information received on Andrew Bodwell 1810 and his son Eliphalet Bodwell 1852. Pieced together biographical data on early successful Michigan merchant Justus Bodwell 1819.

June 4, 1997 - Biographical information uncovered concerning Clare Bodwell 1893 describing his involvement with the Franconia Notch preservation effort. New biographical information on Henry Bodwell 1890 and his brother Richard Bodwell 1894, places them in the wooden heel manufacturing business with their father at the turn of the 20th century.

June 3, 1997 - Discovered records describing service in the Maine Legislature by Elisha Bodwell 1797.

June 2 1997 - John Parker Bodwell 1824 service in the Salem Guards and Civil War uncovered. Also Civil War Service for William Bodwell 1836 discovered.

May 15, 1997 - New research indicates high probability that two Bodwells were in the thick of the fighting at the Battle of Bunker's Hill: They were Parker Bodwell 1750 and Eliphalet Bodwell 1738.

May 5, 1997 - Jan 1, 1904 Boston Transcript article received from Henry Hassell. Article describes George W. Bodwell's part in the capture of Jefferson Davis. George's page also includes excerpt from Shelby Foote's "The Civil War", describing the same moment, apparently from Jeff Davis' point of view. And his page contains a link to the Michigan Cavalry Home Page which describes the event from the Michigan point of view. Controversy anyone?

May 4, 1997 - Biographical information received on Augustus Bodwell 1901 from Henry Hassell. Thanks again Henry.

May 4, 1997 - A new Civil War vet turns up, thanks to g-grandson Henry Hassell. Augustus Bodwell 1838, fought at 1st Bull Run or Manassas, Fredricksburg, and the Wilderness.

May 4, 1997 - New biographical information received from Henry Hassell, grandson of Anson Lewis Bodwell 1871 and a newspaper account of the death of