Harry Horton Bodwell (1829-1914)

Son of: Samuel 1783

Harry and his wife and son, Harry W. Bodwell, aged three years, came to California across the plains in a covered wagon in 1863. He was a pioneer windmill builder in San Francisco.

The San Francisco CityDirectories give the following information about Harry Horton Bodwell:

1867-68 - With Atwood & Bodwell Company; resident Bartlett street between 24th and 25th Streets

1877-78 - Owned and operated the Excelsior Windmill, Pump, Horse-Power and Tank Manufacturing Company, 211-213 Mission Street; res. Bartlett Street.

1886-87 - Operated with his son Harry W. Bodwell the same windmill company, 211 Mission Street; resident 331 Bartlett Street.

DAR Records of the Families of California Pioneers, Vol 24, p. 13.

The 1889 San Francisco Directory lists son Frank L. Bodwell, cashier for Goodyear Rubber Co. as living at 504 seventeenth Street.





14 Apr 1829

19 Dec 1914

ABT 1859

Marianna (?)

Constable, Ny

Alameda, Ca


b. 15 Jul 1832

Children of Harry and Marianna (?) Bodwell



Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place


Harry Washington

2 Jan 1860


25 Mar 1933

Burlingame, Ca


Lincoln A.

ABT 1861

San Francisco, Ca

14 Feb 1926



Frank Lyon

13 Mar 1862

San Francisco, Ca

18Apr 1906

San Francisco,Ca


Edna M.

Jun 1867

San Francisco, Ca

AFT 1914


Per the DAR Records of the Families of California Pioneers, Edna's name is Etta, and an additional child Rita M., a teacher, living with her parents in 1886, is listed in the 1886 San Francisco Directory.


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