Eliphalet Atholston Bodwell (1837-1912)

Son of: James 1794

E. A. BODWELL, of the firm of E. A. BODWELL & Co., came to Manistee County (Michigan) in 1871, and took a homestead at Arcadia Township. In 1880 he came to the village of Bear Lake, and opened a meat market, and afterwards added groceries. He still carries on his farm, in connection with his mercantile business. Mr. BODWELL is one of the reliable men of the county.

In 1882, E. A. Bodwell was Road Commissioner of Bear Lake Township.

-History of Manistee, Mason & Oceana Counties, Michigan. Published 1882 by H.R. Page & Co., Chicago.





7 Jun 1837

12 Jun 1912

16 Apr 1866

Mary Brown

Dereham, Ont.

Bradford, Pa

Genesee, Mi




30 May 1871

Carrie Louise Tillson



Manistee, Mi

b. 24 Apr 1842

Children of Eliphalet and Mary (Brown) Bodwell



Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place


Mary Elizabeth Eason

14 Apr 1867

Mt. Elgin, Ont.

19 Apr 1942

Seattle, Wa


James Vining

9 Oct 1870

Woodstock, Ont.

26 Dec 1889*

Frazer River, BC

*James Vining Bodwell was killed by a falling tree at the north arm of the Frazer River, British Columbia, Canada

Children of Eliphalet and Caroline (Tillson) Bodwell


Charlotte Amelia Matilda

29 May 1873

Arcadia, Mi

17 May 1949

Vancouver, BC


Polly Ebenezer Bryant

13 Sep 1874

Arcadia, Mi

26 Feb 1955

Seattle, Wa


Louise Harwood

2 Aug 1876

Pleasanton, Mi


Prince George, BC


Isaac Noyes Tillson*

16 May 1878

Pleasanton, Mi

28 Jun 1949

Seattle, Wa


Lue Avery Esther Maria

13 Sep 1880

Pleasanton, Mi

30 Aug 1974

Seattle, Wa


Ruth Van Norman

1 May 1882

Bear Lake, Mi

15 Apr 1941

Vancouver, BC


Sarah Alberta Liph

24 Jun 1884

Pleasanton, Mi

15 Jun 1972

Seattle, Wa


Tennie Athelston**

5 Jul 1888

Bear Lake, Mi

3 Nov 1964

Bremerton, Wa

*Isaac was severely injured in a railroad accident near Revelstoke, BC in 1904, losing a leg in the accident. In 1923 Isaac was operating Tilson Tier Repair at 7111 Woodlawn Ave. Seattle Directory, 1923

**In 1923 Tennie was a stenographer at RWD Co, living at 2015 Federal Avenue with E. Bryant, his wife Stella, brother Isaac, sister Lue and mother Carrie.

Eliphalet and Carrie Bodwell

Eliphalet and Carrie Bodwell daughters

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