Joseph Eben Bodwell (1854-1917)

Son of: Joseph 1817

There are names which fittingly find a place in the permanent records of any city, and in Lynn, Massachusetts, one of these names is Joseph Eben Bodwell, whose influence upon the real estate market of the passing generation was constructive to an unusual degree.

Joseph Eben Bodwell was born in Reading, Massachusetts. His parents removing to Lynn when he was a child of five years, it was here that the boy received his education, which was limited to the common school course at the Burkett School, from which he was graduated. As a young man the lure of the sea called him, and he shipped on the merchant marine, his initial trip being to India. He followed the sea for eight or ten years, retiring as first officer of the "Prince George," of the Dominion Atlantic Line. Returning thereafter to Lynn, he entered the real estate field in this city, and was active in this business until his death, which occurred in 1917. He was very successful as an individual operator, but will longest be remembered for his participation in a movement which is still fruitful of the great good to the real estate business in this vacinity, and through it to the public in general. Mr. Bodwell early became affiliated with other real estate dealers in Lynn, forming the Real Estate Exchange of Lynn, which still exists, largely devoted to its original purposes in the Lynn Exchange of the present day. This organization of progressive business men meets for converence on general real estate topics and their relation to the community-at-large. Mr. Bodwell was a member of the Improved Order of Red Men, of the Woodmen of the World, and of the Knights of Pythias. He never lost his fondness for the sea, and held membership in the Lynn Yacht Club until his death, taking the keenest delight in an occasional sail. He attended the St. Paulsís Episcopal Church of Lynn. (Municipal History of Essex County, Massachusetts, Vol 4. pp. 255-6.)





9 Oct 1854

Mar 1917

27 Sep 1882

Addie M. Newhall

Reading, Ma

Lynn, Ma

Lynn, Ma

ABT 1860


7 Dec 1890

Ella M. Jordan


Lynn, Ma

ABT 1868


ABT 1893

Fannie E. Smyth


ABT 1860

Child of Joseph and Fannie (Smyth) Bodwell


Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

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Frederick Earl

24 Dec 1894

Lynn, Ma

20 Oct 1864

Boston, Ma

02/13/97 12/27/98

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