Charles Bodwell (1788-1862)

Charles served in the Massachusetts legislature as a representative from Middlesex County in 1821 and 1822. (The Essex Antiquarian, Vol. IV, p. 95.)

He was a successful farmer and millwright of Dracut, Mass (Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography page 125)

Son of: Parker 1750





25 Aug 1788

7 Jul 1862

10 Mar 1810

Sarah Varnum

Methuen, Ma

Dracut, Ma

Dracut, Ma

b. 21 Oct 1791

Children of Charles and Sarah (Varnum) Bodwell


Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place


Mary Varnum

9 Aug 1810

Dracut, Ma

23 Oct 1834



Sarah Ann

11 Jan 1813

Dracut, Ma

15 Mar 1885

Lowell, Ma



24 Feb 1815

Dracut, Ma

19 Nov 1894

Cheney, Wa


Phebe Varnum

3 Dec 1823

Dracut, Ma

2 Feb 1876

Lowell, Ma


Hannah Poor

26 Jul 1825

Dracut, Ma

10 Aug 1903

Lowell, Ma


Elizabeth Baldwin

30 Jun 1828

Dracut, Ma

9 Mar 1907

Lowell, Ma

Jane Bodwell married John D. Robbins who owned a livery stable. In his mid-fourties (c. 1858) they moved to Minnesota and engaged in farming. After 10 years he moved to Missouri for 3 years, returning to Minnesota until 1878 when they moved to Washington. They went first to the Sound country, but shortly afterwards went to Spokane county and took a homestead of one hundred and sixty acres at Deep Creek Falls. They resided there for two years, then sold out and went to Cheney, where they were among the first settlers of the town. Jane had been educated at Woburn Academy and in early life was a successful teacher. She was a prominent temperance woman and stanch abolitionist. After coming to Cheney she continued active in temperance and religious work, identifying herself with the Congregational Church, the W.C.T.U. and the Band of Hope. History of Spokane, p. 355-6.

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