Nelson Farmer Bodwell (1803-1892)

Son of:Zadok 1775

Nelson Bodwell married Salenda Tyler in 1826. She and her brother William obtained title to the family farm in Boxford, Massachusetts and forced their parents, William and Abilgail (Barker) Tyler, to seek a home at the almshouse, where they soon after died. Nelson and Salenda moved to Sommersworth, N.H., Methuen, Massachusetts, and New York, settling on the Tyler estate after Williamís death. They continued to live there until 1868, when they sold the place to to Mr. Jeremiah Dacey, from Ireland. Nelson and Salenda then moved to Georgetown, where they lived until the death of Salenda about 1882. Nelson then moved to Andover.

The following brief newspaper article concerns Nelson's first son Newman:

February 22, 1881 - Machias Union Newspaper

The project of building a $20,000 hotel on Castine Head near the light house, is prospering. Mr. Newman Bodwell, the architect and builder, has raised $2,600 of the $3,000 which is all he asked to be taken up at Castine. The remainder will be subscribed for by parties in Bangor and Portland.





23 Sep 1803

11 Jan 1892

20 Mar 1826

Salenda Tyler

Methuen, Ma

Boxford, Ma

Boxford, Ma

b. 6 Jun 1802

Children of Nelson and Solenda (Tyler) Bodwell


Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place



17 Mar 1828

Methuen, Ma

AFT 1881



Leonard Warwick

13 Dec 1829

Boxford, Ma

AFT 1920

Cumberland, Ri



22 Sep 1831

Perry, Ny

8 Apr 1908

Rowley, Ma


Nancy Emeline

30 Jul 1835

Rochester, Ny

AFT Jan 1892



Eliza Ann

24 Jul 1839

Rochester, Ny

20 Oct 1841

Boxford, Ma


Ellen Augusta*

24 Feb 1846

Boxford, Ma

25 Feb 1847

Boxford, Ma

*Ellen died of whooping cough

Italics source: The Descendants of Job Tyler, p. 506

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