John Theodore Bodwell (1923 - 1944)

Son of Paul 1885

John was a student at North Carolina State University as WWII began. He had a number of hobbies and interests. John hoped someday to become an established writer and worked diligently to turn out polished prose. But he also had a fascination with geneology. John made at least one trip to Massachusetts and Maine to research the Bodwell family roots, collecting a great deal of information on the early Bodwell origins in America. Sometime in 1942 he was drafted into the Army. With a great deal of reluctance he submitted to draft. He served as a Private in the 104th Infantry, 26th Army Division. He was a truck driver for the Red Ball Express during the Battle of the Bulge at the time he was killed by a sniper.

192315 Nov 1944
Savannah, GaAlsace-Loraine, France

December 26, 1996

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