Justus H. Bodwell (ABT 1819-1864)

Son of: William 1786

Shortly before 1850, Justus and Phebe moved to Adrian Twp, Michigan where Justus set up a merchantile business. In 1855 he was in partnership with William Wilcox and William D. Tolford. In 1855 Justus bought out Wilcox and presumably Tolford and formed a partnership with Carey and Clay. (Lenewee County, Michigan, pages 442, 481, and 1,000.)

In 1855, Justus was listed as a Captain in the Adrian Guard, the first military company of regulars equipped by the state in Lenawee County. (History and Biographical Record of Lenawee County' by Whitney, vol 1, p. 58)

Justus died suddenly in 1864, leaving an estate valued at $12,000 to Phebe Ann.

BornDiedMarried Spouse
ABT 18191 Sep 1864 Phebe Ann (?)
NyAdrian Twp, Mi b. Abt 1829


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