Alvin Powers Bodwell (1839-1925)

Son of: Joshua 1818

Alvin Powers served as a Private in Company B, 116th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, from 14 August 1863 to 14 July 1865. 

In the Fall of 1865, Alvin moved to Polk County, Iowa where he married Jennie M. Garrett where the couple was active in the Christian Church.  In July, 1878, Alvin and Jennie moved to Red Willow County, Nebraska where they joined the Presbyterian church of Lebanon.

In 1890 Alvin Powers applied for a Civil War Veterans pension.  In 1925, his widow Jennie M. Bodwell applied for a pension.

The following is excerpted from the book “Camfire.” Civil War veteran's letters to the "Leader", a newspaper of Pomeroy, Ohio:

"Our wagon train was sent over to Patterson Creek for hay with Co. F as guards. On their return, when about three miles from Romney, they were captured by Capt. McNeil and his men. The boys were on top of the loads, and their captain and lieutenant were ahead looking for something to eat. The rebs took the mules, placed the drivers on them and then fired the hay, 20 government wagons going up in smoke. Our two teamsters, S.M. Stout and Al Bodwell, were taken to Moorefield and paroled. The next day, they came into camp, tired, hungry and mad. Stout had two little mules
that he just doted on, and in telling about their loss he would get mad and grit his teeth and say he'd be hanged to tarnation (didn't dare swear because the Captain was present.) if the rebs had only left Joe and Bob they could have Co. F and their cowardly captain, and Al Bodwell would grunt assent between bites of hardtack and sips of coffee."

This is from a letter written by Joe Lant , also of the11th, who wrote several letters to the paper in 1900.  (The family is grateful to Elford Messer, South Portland, Maine for his contribution of this letter.)






7 Dec 1839

15 Feb 1925

26 Sep 1867

Jennie M.Garrett

Orange Twp, Oh

Lebanon, Ne

Polk Co, Ia

b. 3 Mar 1842

* Jennie M. on tombstone but also given as Martha Jane Garrett. **Buried in Lebanon City Cemetery.

Standing left to right: Earl A., Ora C., Fannie (Clyde's wife) Seated: Alvin P., Jennie M., Clyde, Rea (Clyde's son) Photo courtesy of  Nona Larson, Waynesville, Mo.

Children of Alvin and Jennie (Garrett) Bodwell



Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place


Clyde Lilborn

18 Jun 1868

Des Moines, Ia

9 Mar 1964

Lebanon, Ne**


Frances A.

18 Jun 1868

Des Moines, Ia


Lebanon, Ne**


Ora Clinton

15 Jul 1873

Polk Co, Ia

24 Feb 1956

Fort Collins, Co


Emma Edna

25 Oct 1874

Polk Co, Ia


Polk Co, Ia


Vena Esther

3 Aug 1881

Polk Co, Ia

17 Feb 1967

Lebanon, Ne


Earl Alvin

20 Jan 1885

Lebanon, Ne

12 Jun 1958

Trinidad, Co

Left to right: Alvin Powers Bodwell, Jennie M. Garrett Bodwell, Emma Edna Bodwell

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