Anson Lewis Bodwell (1871-1955)

Son of: Augustus 1838

Anson Lewis Bodwell was born in New Haven, Ct. He moved to Washington in 1901 with his wife and oldest son Augustus. He was employed as a printer in 1901, for the US Printing office and continued as a proof reader until his retirement in 1937. He walked the nearly two miles from his residence on North Capital Street to the office and back each day and it was said one could set their watch by his travel. He was an accomplished musician and played the bassoon with professional orchestras and the trombone with marching bands. He sometimes marched the presidential inaugural parade route twice. He was known to be a strict disciplinarian. Buried with his Wife, Son and Daughter in Glenwood Cemetery, Washington, DC.

The family is grateful to Henry Hassell, Amelia, Va. For this photo of Anson and Evalyn Bodwell





15 Nov 1871

15 Jun 1955

25 Apr 1900

Evalyn Amy Clayton

New Haven, Ct

Washington, DC

Bristol, Ct

b. 18 Feb 1871

Children of Anson and Evelyn (Clayton) Bodwell



Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place



2 Aug 1901

New Haven, Ct

13 Jan 1974

Farmville, Va


Helen Clayton

10 Oct 1904

Washington, DC

 20 Jan 2005

Top Sail, Me


Evelyn May

17 May 1906

Washington, DC

15 Nov 1996

Farmville, Va

01/01/97 01/22/05

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