Celsius Putnam Bodwell (1854-1941)

Son of: Benjamin 1815

On 12 July 1917, Celsius filed for a Pension for service in the Indian Wars, claiming service in 1874.

Celsius served in Captain J. G. Connell's Company C of the Texas Rangers from December 10, 1873 to March 6, 1874 and in Captain June Peak's Company B of the Frontier Battalion of the Texas Rangers from March, 1878 to April, 1878. (Texas Ranger Indian War Pensions, Robert W. Stephens, 1975, p. 10) He also served as a US Government Teamster under General McKinzie in the war with the Comanche and Kiowa Indians on the Staked Plains, the Winter of 1874 and part of 1875.

The Frontier Times describes June Peak's activities as Captain of Company B: "The early part of 1878, June Peak was commissioned by the Governor as a second lieutenant in the Texas Frontier Battalion for the purpose of destroying the Sam Bass gain of train robbers, and was promoted to Captain in May following. By July of that year he had succeeded in disposing of the entire band, excepting Bass, Barnes and Jackson, driving these out of North Texas in the trap arranged by Major John B. Jones at Round Rock…In 1878, Company B, Texas Rangers was made up of the following: June Peak, captain; Thomas Floyd, sergeant; and the following privates: James Bruton, Dick Armstrong, Ebb Dee, Sid McHenry, C. R. [P] Bodwell, Alexander Buchanan, W. Y. Buchanan, Tobe Daniels, Mat Peak, Will Scott, Charley Tucker, Lou Wright, Arthur Boren, N. L. (Buffalo) Jenkins, Curron Longmyer, Hirald Berry, Pearce Stevens, Harry C. Carmack, and Bob Williams. Frontier Times, September, 1927, Vol. 4, No. 12, pp. 4-6.

Celcius enlisted first in Brownwood, Brown County, Texas and the second time in Dallas, Texas. He listed his occupation at time of enlistment as cowboy. At the time of his first enlistment he described himself as five feet, seven inches; fair complexion, blue eyes, with black hair. After 1878, Celcius lists his places of residence as: Bowie County, Texas for 23 years and later residences as: Dallas, Johnson, Van Zandt, Upshur and Cass Counties, Texas. (Texas Ranger Pension Application 14297)

BornDiedMarried Spouse
31 Aug 18541 May 1941 2 May 1880Emaline Cassandra Strain
Henry Co, TnSanta Clara Co, Ca DeKalb, Txb. 11 Sept 1860
Jul 1910 Zella Nelson Thweatt
Van Zandt Co, Tx

Children of Celsius and Cassie (Strain) Bodwell

NameBirth Date Birth PlaceDeath Date Death Place
1.James B.*9 Feb 1881 Tx2 Aug 1940Mexico?
2.JosephNov 1882 Tx
3.Callie L.Apr 1886 Tx196?Fort Worth, Tx
4. Mattie T.Oct 1887 Tx1934San Antonio, Tx
5.ThomasDec 1888 Tx
6.Grant Howard*25 Oct 1891 DeKalb, TxAug 1976Carter Co, Ok
7.Celsius Putnam 17 Dec 1894Oak Grove, Tx 30 Oct 1957Fresno, Ca
8.Edward ABT 1896 Txat 2 months
9.Noble Irwin 10 Aug1898(?), Tx31 Mar 1962 Winterset, Ia
10Claude Leonce 28 Dec 1901 Oak Grove, Tx2 Dec 1965 Dallas, Tx
11Adah Mae*13 Dec 1903 Bowie Co, Tx196?Chicago, Il


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