Rev. Abraham Bodwell (1777-1863)

Son of: William 1747

Abraham graduated from Harvard University in 1805, spent 3 months in the study of theology with Rev. Jonathon French of Andover, Massachusetts and received approbation to preach from the Westford Association at Stoneham, April 30, 1806. Esquire Josiah Emery was sent by the town to Andover, seventy miles, on horseback to confer with him and to invite him to preach as a candidate, which he did for three months, delivering 23 discourses and two very pungent ones, Aug 24, 1806 from the text Isiah i,3,1,c.

Abraham BodwellHe was ordained Nov 13 1806. "His ministry was faithful and earnest in no common degree. He presented habitually, as though he believed them with all his heart, the great fundamental doctrines, -- ruin, redemption and regeneration." After a season of deep and prayerful anxiety for his people in 1816, the spirit was poured from on high; the whole parish was shaken and more than one hundred were hopefully converted to Christ, many of whom were fathers and mothers, among the most respectable and influential of the congregation. Other seasons of awakening were enjoyed, but none comparable to this.

During the 46 years of his ministry, 307 were received into the church and there were 484 baptisms, mostly children. He was eminently a peacemaker, "combining the utmost meekness of spirit and forbearance of demeanor, with declared decision and firmness of principle." He took an early stand on the temperance question, seconded by his excellent wife; "was at once an unworldly man and an excellent financier." Was ever bound to his collaboration, Rev. Mr. Crockett, of the First Baptist Church, "by a friendship, based on mutual and high respect and a warm affection.

He was dismissed by the same council that installed his successor, the Rev. James Boutwell, June 24, 1852, and ever afterward proved a good parishioner, a faithful teacher in the Sabbath School, ad an occasional aid to the preacher in the pulpit, while his strength continued. On the 50th anniversary of his settlement, he preached a half-century sermon, but it was not published till after his death. (History of Sanbornton, Nh, p. 40-44)

BornDiedMarried Spouse
5 May 177724 Mar 1863 12 Jan 1809Nancy Conner
Methuen, MaSanbornton, Nh Sanbornton, Nhb. 29 Jan 1788

Children of Abraham and Nancy (Conner) Bodwell

NameBirth Date Birth PlaceDeath Date Death Place
1.Sarah Jane12 Feb 1810 Sanbornton, Nh11 Nov 1880 Laconia, Nh
2.Joseph Conner 11 Jun 1812Sanbornton, Nh 17 Jul 1876SW Harbor, Me
3.Ruth Conner9 May 1814 Sanbornton, Nh4 Jan 1886 Sandoval, Il?
4. Ann 28 Jan 1817 Sanbornton, NhAFT 1842
5.Frances Conner29 Dec 1818 Sanbornton, NhAFT 1881
6.Mary 17 Nov 1820 Sanbornton, Nh25 Feb 1821 Sanbornton, Nh
7.Susan Ordway14 Dec 1822 Sanbornton, Nh21 Oct 1862 Sanbornton, Nh
8.William 25 May 1826Sanbornton, Nh 3 Sep 1873Hyde Park, Ma
9. Elizabeth Lancaster 3 May 1830Sanborton, Nh 27 May 1861Sanbornton, Nh


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