Harry T. Bodwell (1882-1972)

In 1911 Harry owned and operated the Bodwell Land Co., based in Providence, Rhode Island. In 1911 he bought and developed a tract of land in New Britain Connecticut known as Belvidere. The development reached to the north side of Stratford Road and the west side of Carlton Street, and was bounded by North Stanley Street on the East and Allen Street on the South. H. T.'s sales brochure titled "The Property of Merit" His brochure went on to say, "With New Britain's increase of 67 percent in population {the largest percentage in New England}, the steady building and extension of its large manufacturing business and interests, no more safe and certain investment could be found than home-sites at 'Belvidere.'" H.T. promoted the area for its frontage on North Stanley, which was then the main thoroughfare to Hartford, and its proximity to local industry and trolley care lines, its "rich, fertile soil," and its connections to water, gas, and electric utilities. Hartford Courant, Aug 17, 1997.

Harry was also instrumental in the development of the Henry 1853

BornDied Married Spouse
9 Jan 1882Jun 1972 5 Sep 1906 Abbie King Congdon
MeProvidence, Ri Providence, Ri b. 13 Oct 1880
   19 Jan 1921 Marian R. Lynch
   Providence, Ri b. 13 May 1891

Children of Harry and Abbie (Congdon) Bodwell

Name Birth Date Birth Place Death DateDeath Place
1.Emma L. 1908 Ri
2.Helen A. 1913 Craston, Ri 1960 

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