Joseph Francis Bodwell (1841-1912)

Son of: Levi 1803

Having by means of industry, wise management and judicious investment acquired a goody store of this world's goods, Joseph F. Bodwell is now living retired from active labor, owning and occupying a well-improved ranch in Burbank, where he has an attractive home, it being situated on the Fernamdo Road, about two miles south of the village. A native of Ohio, he was born July 19, 1841, in Huron County, where with the exception of 10 years , from 1847 until 1857, when he lived with his parents in Wisconsin, he was brought up and educated. As a youth, Joseph F. Bodwell assisted his father in various labors incidental to farm life, after which he learned the carpenter's trade. Going to Douglas County, Kansas in 1867, he lived there a number of years, following his chosen profession the greater part of the time, although for six years he carried the U. S. Mail. Coming to the Pacific Coast in the spring of 1883, he spent a few months in Portland, Oregon, after which he located in San Francisco where he worked as a carpenter for two years. Proceeding then to Alaska, which at that time was a comparitively new and little known country, he worked as a millwright for the Treadwell Gold Mining Company, serving as foreman until 1901, and while thus employed made several trips to his California home. On one of these visits, in 1895, he purchased the ranch on which he now lives, located his family thereon, and in 1901 came here himself to reside permanently. His ranch contains 15 acres, a large part of which is improved, having a vineyard of two acres, some small fruits, and the remainder devoted to the raising of alfalfa (a staple crop in this section), and grain.

While living in Ohio Mr. Bodwell married Emma Barnum and the children born to this union are living, namely: Grace, wife of Robert Brunson of Nevada; Charles L., at home; Maude, wife of Charles Hill of Chandler, Oklahoma; Catherine, wife of John Powers of Franklin County, Kansas and John L. of Burbank. Politically, Mr. Bodwell is an active supporter of the principles of the Proabition Party, and religiously he and his family members of the Holiness Church of Burbank, in which he is a deacon. History of California and an extensive History of is South Coast Country, p. 1904.





19 Jul 1841

12 Sep 1912

10 Apr 1865

Emma Jane Bararun

Clarksfield, Oh

Corona, Ca

Clarksfield, Oh

b. 1 Apr 1842

Children of Joseph and Emma (Barnum) Bodwell



Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place


Mary Grace

16 Oct 1866

Clarksfield, Oh

7 Feb 1954

Corona, Ca


Charles Lionel

24 Feb 1868

Clarksfield, Oh

1 Aug 1953

Sacramento, Ca


Emma Maude

8 Mar 1870

Baldwin, Ka

AFT 1914

Corona, Ca


Catherine Belle

5 Apr 1872

Baldwin, Ka




Rosetta Charlotte


Centropolis, Ks

at six months

Baldwin, Ka


John Levi

9 Mar 1877

Centropolis, Ks

12 Mar 1951

N. Hollywood, Ca.

Italics: source LDS Ancestral File.

Underscore: source Jim Gracey

More information about Mary Grace Bodwell's husband's line is available at:

Standing (left): Elda May (Cullar) Riordan
Standing (right): Mary Grace Bodwell  **
Seated: Emma Jane (Barnum) Bodwell
Baby: Danny Riordan (son of Daniel Joseph Riordan and Elda May Cullar)

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