Maj. Samuel Bodwell (1730-AFT 1793)

Son of: Daniel 1693

Samuel procured the right to erect a mill on the east sde of Spickett river in 1767. (The Essex Antiquarian, p. 174)

Samuel was 2nd Major, 4th Essex Co. Regiment. He was commissioned February 8, 1776. Samuel also served in Col. Cogswell, Jr.'s Regiment, Brig. Gen. Farleys's Brigade. Regiment marched to Horse Neck, Sept 12, 1776 (Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Vol. II)

Johnathon Austin of Methuen; Corporal, Major Samuel Bodwell's Company, which marched on the Alarm of April 19, 1775.

The pay roll of the company under the command of Major Samuel Bodwell, exhibited in consequence of the alarm on the 19th of April: John Bodwell, Private and William Bodwell.

A committee of safety and correspondence was yearly chosen, which kep the people fully posted on every question of interest. The question of entering into a "perpetual union," in accordance with the resolve of the Continental Congress, for all the United States of America, came before the town in February, 1778. The matter was referred to a committe consisting of Maj. Samuel Bodwell , Capt. James Jones, Col. Thomas Poor, Lieut. John Huse, and Mr. Enoch Merrill, who reported favorable thereto, and the meeting voted to "receive and accept the Articles of Confederation and perpetual union," which was a voice for the Union as it was and is, instead of a "Confederacy," as the disuionists of 1860 desired to make it. (History of Essex County, Massachusetts, p.299)

BornDiedMarried Spouse
24 Sep 1730AFT 1793 28 Sep 1758Elizabeth Mansur
Methuen, MaMethuen, Ma Methuen, Mabp. 1 Jan 1731

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth (Mansur) Bodwell

NameBirth Date Birth PlaceDeath Date Death Place
1.Samuel, Jr. 29 Jun 1759Methuen, Ma AFT 1830Constable, Ny?
2.Hannah25 Aug 1760 Methuen, MaAug 1835 Methuen, Ma
3.Rhoda19 Feb 1762 Methuen, Ma
4. Frederick10 Nov 1763 Methuen, Ma10 Apr 1773 Methuen, Ma
5.Dorcas13 Sep 1765 Methuen, Ma26 Jul 1810 Methuen, Ma
6.Jesse 27 May 1768Methuen, Ma AFT 1811
7.Frederick21 Aug 1773 Methuen, Ma
8.Elizabeth1 Mar 1777 Methuen, Ma


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