A Road Named Bodwell

The following addresses are on roads and streets named Bodwell. If you want to see exactly where they are located go to http://yahoo.com then select maps and key in the addresses below:

23 Bodwell Street, Lawrence, Ma

216 Bodwell Avenue, Rantoul, Il

1555 Bodwell Road, Manchester, Nh

660 Bodwell Street, Avon, Ma

7 Bodwell Street, Sanford, Me

Bodwell Road, Columbia, Nc (Map Columbia, Nc - then scroll to the Southwest)

10 Bodwell Street, Hartford, Ct. (reported by Donald S. Bodwell)

21 Bodwell Terrace, Milburn, NJ (reported by Suzanne McClure) This street is most like named after Granville White Bodwell

If anyone learns the first name of a Bodwell for whom these roads were named, please let me know - bodwell@ptcpartners.com