Dr. Jack Edward Bodwell (1947- )

Son of: Ralph 1921

Jack is Associate Professor of Physiology at Dartmouth College's Norris Cotton Cancer Center. Dr. Bodwell was awarded a B.S. in 1973 from the University of New Hampshire and a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Vermont in 1980. He joined the Department of Physiology in 1980 as a research associate and was appointed to the rank of Assistant Professor in 1985. He was a Senior Scientist at Medarex Inc. from 1988 to 1989 and returned to the department in 1989. Glucococorticoids have widespread physiological functions, and are used extensively in the treatment of inflammatory and immunological disorders, and lymphoid cancers. Their actions all appear to be mediated by formation of hor-mone- receptor complexes that function as transcription factors. These complexes form homodimers on glucocorticoid response elements located in certain genes, thereby regulating transcription of these genes. Protein-protein interactions are of fundamental importance to the regulation and function of the receptor. It is through these interactions that individual hormone-receptorcomplexes form homodimers and interact with other transcription factors.

The long term objective of this research is to understand how these protein-protein interac-tions are influenced by covalent modifications of receptors, in particular by their state of phospho-rylation. The mouse glucocorticoid receptor is a phos-phoprotein containing three major phosphory-lated sites and four minor sites. A major project involves studying receptors that have individual or multiple phosphorylated sites mutated by site directed mutagenesis and monitoring the effect of these mutations on receptor functions dependent on protein-protein interactions.

Selected Publications

Ortí, E., Mendel, D.B., Smith, L.I., Bodwell, J.E., and Munck, A. A dynamic model for glucocorticoid receptor phosphorylation and cycling in intact cells. J. Steroid Biochem. 34:85-96, 1989.

Smith, L.I., Mendel, D.B., Bodwell, J.E., and Munck, A. Phosphorylated sites within the functional domains of the 100-kDa steroid binding subunit of glucocorticoid receptors. Biochemistry 28:4490-4498, 1989.

Mendel, D.B., Ortí, E., Smith, L.I., Bodwell, J. and Munck, A. Evidence for a glucocorticoid receptor cycle and nuclear dephosphorylation of the steroid-binding protein. In: Molecular Endocrinology and Steroid

Hormone Action. Sato, G.H., and Stevens, J.L. (eds.) Alan R. Liss, Inc., New York, NY pp. 97-117, 1990.

Bodwell, J.E., Ortí, E., Coull, J.M., Pappin, D.J.C., Smith, L.I., and Swift, F. Identifica-tion of phosphorylated sites in the mouse glucocorticoid receptor. J. Biol. Chem. 266:7549-7555, 1991.

Bodwell, J.E., Hu, LO.-M. and Munck, A. Glucocorticoid receptors: ATP-dependent cycling and hormone-dependent hyperphosphorylation. J. Steroid Biochem. Molec. Biol. In press, 1994.





16 Jun 1947


20 Jun 1970

Amy Bumstead

Newport, Nh


Short Hills, Nj

b. 20 Mar 1949


9 Aug 1975

Jane Tetherly


Sanbornton, Nh

b. 2 Dec 1947

Children of Jack and Jane (Tetherly) Bodwell


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23 Jan 1981

Hanover, Nh



Jesse Tetherly

4 Jun 1983

Hanover, Nh


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