Burke Everett Bodwell, Jr. (1920-1952)

Son of: Burke 1881

In 1950 Burke moved his family to Ketchikan, Alaska to start a crab fishing business. In February 1952, he died in a car accident on his way to work early one morning. He may have fallen asleep at the wheel. The car overturned and threw him unconscious into the water, where he drowned. Lillian and her four young children returned to Washington State on the M/V Baranoff. Burke was transported on the same ship and is buried in Fern Hill Cemetery in Aberdeen, Washington. (Source: Carol Jean Warren, via Internet)


Front row from left: Ronald Wayne Bodwell, Jerry Lee Bodwell, Thomas Burke Bodwell, and Carol Jean Bodwell,

Back row: Burke E. Bodwell, Sr., Esther Rownd Bodwell, and Lillian S. Bodwell. Picture taken c. 1957







23 Oct 1920

13 Feb 1952

9 Aug 1940

Lillian May Sigurdson

Arthur, Ne

Ketchikan, Alaska

North Cove, Wa

b. 10 Oct 1921




d. 9 Nov 2013

Children of Burke and Lillian (Sigurdson) Bodwell


Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place


Carol Jean*

1 Feb 1944

Marshfield, Or



Ronald Wayne

10 Oct 1946

Port Angeles, Wa



Jerry Lee

7 May 1948

Port Angeles, Wa



Thomas Burke

6 Jan 1950

Aberdeen, Wa


* Carol Jean Bodwell married Robert D. Warren 26 Aug 1967. She is a graduate of Western Washington State University. She has taught school in Oroville and Ferndale, Washington State, the island of Guam, and in Globe, Arizona. In 1983 Carol became an administrator in the Globe school district and is currently employed as an elementary administrator today (1998)


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