Joseph Albert Bodwell (1850-1884)

Son of: Stephen 1823

At this time it is uncertain exactly what Joseph was doing in Mexico at the time of his death. This partial letter from Joseph to his wife submitted by Ken Stacey provides some intriguing clues. Joseph is burried in the Mexico City National Cemetery. Cause of Death is listed a Small Pox





4 Oct 1850

6 Jun 1884

17 Oct 1872

Mary Lizzie Hovey

Lawrence, Ma

Guadalajara, Mx

Cambridge, Ma

  1. Jan 9, 1842

d. 1 Jan 1917

Child of Joseph and Mary (Hovey) Bodwell


Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place


Daisy Leonard

28 Apr 1874

Cambridge, Ma

2 Jun 1967

Belmont, Ma

Source: Ken Stacey <>


Mary L. Hovey Bodwell appears on the left. Joseph and Mary’s daughter Daisy appears on the right. The family is indebted to Ken Stacy, great-grandson of Daisy for these photos and the letter from Joseph to his wife Mary.


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