Udell Arthur Bodwell (1949-

Son of: Richard 1921

The following is Udellís story as of February, 1999 reprinted with permission:

It all started back in the winter storm of '49 when I was born in Independence, Kansas. Shortly afterwards, my parents moved to North Platt, Nebraska and for some odd reason they packed me with the rest of the belongings and took me with them and that is where I spent the first five years of my life. In 1955, we moved back to Independence (just in time for me to start to school) and that is where I spent my younger years, graduating from Independence High School in 1967 and attending Independence Community Junior College. I had fully intended to become an art instructor but other things started to occupy my time (female in nature) and I married Linda in 1969. When I was 16, I started working in restaurants to earn money so after our marriage, I continued with food service until 1982. In 1982, I decided it was time for a change in pace so I attended Kansas Technical Institute in Salina, Kansas ( now Kansas State University - Salina College of Technology) and graduated in 1984 with an Associate Degree in Surveying. In 1992 I sat for the National and State Land Surveyor's Exam (a 16 hour ordeal) and obtained my Land Surveyors License. I am presently Vice President of Surveying Operations at Arrowshoot Geomatics Inc., a Land Surveying and Geographical and Land Information Systems consulting firm in Salina.Over the past several years I have served on the Civil/Surveying/GIS Technical Advisory Committee at K-State Salina and as an Ad Hoc Faculty member, developing and teaching courses in Civil Tech Drafting. Surveying Astronomy, Construction Surveying, Land Surveying and Subdivision Design and Planning.

Udell and Linda have a very interesting web-site at: http://homepage.netspaceonline.com/~bodwell/





18 Jan 1949


13 Jun 1969

Linda Frances Fenn

Independence, Ks


Coffeville, Ks

b. 31 Jan 1949

Children of Udell and Linda (Fenn) Bodwell


Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place


Lance Udell

13 Feb 1970

Independence, Ks



Adrianne Corinne

4 Oct 1978

Salina, Ks



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