Asa Messer Bodwell (1812-1891)

Son of: Zadok 1775

Asa was born in what is now known as the old Tarbox homestead on the Howe road in Methuen, better known as Buckley Street, and his whole life with the exception of a few years in the west was spent in Lawrence and Methuen. After his birth, the family moved from Methuen to Haverhill street, Lawrence where he lived and died. In 1875 he built a spacious brick mansion on the site of the old dwelling which he moved. It was numbered 589. He was a farmer all his life; belonged to the Farmers' Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, Methuen, and of the Farmers' Alliance. "Boston and Eastern Massachusetts", p. 1806

In 1880 , Asa was living upon the estate of his ancestors, then comprising 190 acres. He had sold a considerable part of the original estate, including the sale of the city reservoir, and also added several parcels. He spent his life upon the old homestead, excepting a few years passed at the west in early manhood. He never married. He received the educational advantages offered by the common schools of this valley fifty years ago. In 1875 he moved the old wood house of his ancestors and erected the fine brick edifice, No. 589 Haverhill Street. History of Lawrence Massachusetts, Compiled by H. A. Wadsworth, Hammon Reed, 1880. P. 31.





2 Mar 1812

11 Jul 1891



Methuen, Ma

Lawrence, Ma




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