Joshua Bodwell (1736-1781)

Son of: Henry 1688

At the conclusion of the French and Indian Wars, in 1760, Joshua Bodwell was serving in Capt. William Barron’s Massachusetts Militia company.  Date of service were from 11 April 1760 to 12 December 1760.  Its most probably that this unit was part of the force holding Quebec in the Summer of 1760.  Source: A list of men from Methuen, Ma. Who served in Militia units during the French and Indian War (1755-1763), John M. Austin, May 1966.

Joshua turned out at the Lexington Alarm in Capt. John Davis' Company, Col. Frye's Regt. In 1780 he enlisted for the war from Essex County and was honorably discharged. In 1782 he was a member of Capt. Mason Wottle's command, Col. Alvin Smith's Regiment. (DAR Lineage Book, Vol 15, p. 63)

“After word of the British attacks reached Methuen on Apr. 19, 1775, Capt. John Davis gathered a company of men and boys and marched to Concord Bridge, arriving in the evening at the close of battle. The Methuen company under Capt. Davis in the regiment of Col. James Frye also of a Methuen family, was in the very thick of the Battle of Bunker’s Hill, however.” (Source: “This Is Methuen,” League of Women Voters.)

Priscilla was murdered by Indians in Haverhill after 1783. (The Essex Antiquarian)

In May-Jun 1788 sons William and Symonds were living in or near Bedford Nh (The Diary of Matthew Patten of Bedford, Nh)





4 Oct 1736

23 Sep 1781

20 Jun 1761

Priscilla Parker

Methuen, Ma

Antrim, Nh

Methuen, Ma

24 Feb 1738

Children of Joshua and Priscilla (Parker) Bodwell



Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place



21 Jan 1763

Methuen, Ma

ca. Apr 1823

Alexander Twp, Oh



17 Aug 1764

Methuen, Ma

AFT13 Oct 1809

Fearing, Oh?



Aug 1765

Methuen, Ma

17 Nov 1837

Covington, Ky


Ann (Anna) ?

27 May 1766

Methuen, Ma





13 Feb 1770

Methuen, Ma





5 Dec 1772

Methuen, Ma


Marietta, Oh?


Henry Washington

4 Apr 1784

Methun, Ma

AFT 1820

Vienna Twp, Oh

*Sept 8, 1806 - granted to Thomas Engles - original grantee or claimant, Enoch Bodwell - 640 acres - situated in Bayou Pierre - derived by occupancy - date of survey or settlement - March 30 1798, Registrar's office West of Pearl River - Land Claims in the Mississippi Territory. From "American State Papers, Vol2 1809-1815, p. 888"

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