Capt. James Bodwell, Jr (ABT 1794-1874)

Son of: James 1764

Before moving to West Nissouri, Ontario in the early 1820's, James was living in Sweden County, New York (Kith and Kin, May, 1910) James and Abigail built Elgin Hall, Mt. Elgin, Ontario (Heather Robertson).

[James and Abigail] They removed to West Nissouri township, Middlesex Co., Ontario, Canada in 1821 and were charter members of W. Nissouri Baptist Church. They removed to Mt. Elgin, Ontario in about 1850 and built there the large Bodwell home, "Elgin Hall," still standing as of 2017. The Vining Family, by Dorothea Vining Barnes, printed by the Beacon Herald Fine Printing Division of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, 1980

BornDied Married Spouse
ABT 17944 Dec 1874 1819 Abigail Eason Vining
MeDereham, Ont Sweden, Ny b. 17 Dec 1800

Children of James and Abigail (Vining) Bodwell

Name Birth Date Birth Place Death DateDeath Place
1.James Vining Oct 1819Aroostook Co, Me 9 Aug 1891Mt. Elgin, Ont
2.Abigail Euseba 7 Mar 1821Ont 14 Nov 1869 Dereham, Ont
3.Hiram Alfonso 9 Jan 1823 Ont 30 Jun 1848Ingersoll, Ont.
4. Charlotte Matilda 1825Mt. Elgin, Ont? Jan 1906 Tillsonburg, Ont
5.Ebenezer Vining 30 Apr 1827Nissouri, Ont. 18 Oct 1889Morley, Alta
6.Mary B. 1829 Ont 1912Bradford, Pa
7.Alice Maria ABT 1830 Ont 1894Dereham, Ont
8.Tryphena 25 Apr 1833 Nissouri, On 13 Jul 1918Sweaburg, Ont.
9.Hannah Agnes 11 Apr 1835  Oxford Co, Ont. 2 Dec 1924 Bradford, Pa
10.Eliphalet Atholston 7 Jun 1837Dereham, Ont 12 Jan 1912Bradford, Pa
11Jared E. 12 Oct 1839Dereham, Ont 25 Sep 1914Grand Rapids, Mi
12.Sarah ABT 1842 Dereham, Ont 6 Feb 1910Vancouver, BC
13.Andrew Murray ABT 1844Dereham, Ont 6 Mar1911Seattle, Wa

Left- Abigail Euseba Bodwell, 1st wife of Charles Grandison Cody (Center), and Hannah Agnes Bodwell (right) , Abigail's sister, 2nd wife of Charles G. Cody. Photos courtesy of Connie Scholl, Ellicott, Md.

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