Born to the name of Bodwell (or adopted)

First Name Letters U-V

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(CW) Fought in US Civil War

NameYear BornRelationship/ Year Born
BODWELL, Udell Arthur (*) 1949Son of Richard 1921
BODWELL, Ulysses Grant1865 Son of Samuel 1812
BODWELL, Ursa1907Dau of Ora 1873
BODWELL, Ursula1806 Dau of John 1776
BODWELL, Veda May1890 Dau of Martin 1861
BODWELL, Vena Esther1881 Dau of Alvin 1839
BODWELL, Vera Marguerite1903 Dau of John 1877
BODWELL, Verne A. 1891Son of William1861
BODWELL, Verne Elwood (*) 1913Son of Alpheus 1888
BODWELL, Verne Elwood, Jr. 1945Son of Verne 1913
BODWELL, Verne Elwood, III1978 Son of Verne 1945
BODWELL, Vernor Charles (*) 1885Son of Charles 1857
BODWELL, Vernor Charles 1927Son of Vernor 1885
BODWELL, Vincent C. 1850Son of Joshua 1818
BODWELL, Victoria Elizabeth1853 Dau of Andrew 1804
BODWELL, Viola Carolyn1925 Dau of Vernor 1885
BODWELL, VirginiaABT 1919 Dau of Frank 1881
BODWELL, Virginia Lucille1913 Dau of Henry 1890
BODWELL, Virginia Mae 1933 Dau of Marion 1901
BODWELL, Vivian F.1908 Dau of Jethro 1858