Daniel Bodwell (1721 -1804)

Son of Daniel 1693

Daniel was a Revolutionary War soldier from Massachusetts (DAR Patriot Index) Also taken from DAR books: Major Daniel Bodwell, of Methuen, marched to Lexington. Daniel is buried at Metting House Hill Cemetary, Methuen, Ma. (Graves of Revolutionary War Patriots, Vol 1) For some years, Daniel conducted the family ferry. (Essex Antiquarian, p. 173)

BornDiedMarried Spouse
22 Jan 172118049 Oct 1744 Agnes Abigail Ladd
Haverhill, MaMethuen, Ma Methuen, Mab. 12 Jul 1726

Children of Daniel and Abigail (Ladd) Bodwell

NameBirth Date Birth PlaceDeath Date Death Place
1.Elizabeth4 Jan 1746 Methuen, Ma14 Jan 1752 Methuen, Ma
2.Daniel III 14 Oct 1748Methuen, Ma BEF 9 Sept 1808Methuen, Ma
3.Parker 29 Oct 1750Methuen, Ma 7 Aug 1795Methuen, Ma
4. Elizabeth23 Dec 1752 Methuen, Ma29 Nov 1803 Methuen, Ma
5. Abigail22 Dec 1754bp Methuen, Main infancy Methuen, Ma
6. Abigail16 Dec 1755 Methuen, Ma1822Belpre, Oh?
7.Lydia15 Mar 1757 Methuen, MaAFT 1799 Hampstead, Nh
8.Alpheus 22 Feb 1759Methuen, Ma 10 Jun 1848Methuen, Ma
9.Ruth17 Apr 1761 Methuen, MaAFT 1823 Lexington, Nh?
10 John Ladd (Dr.) 26 Sep 1763Methuen, Ma AFT 1830Manchester, Nh?
11.Sally1765 Methuen, Ma4 Jan 1838 South Berwick, Me
12.Susannah1767 Methuen, MaAFT 1850
13.Fanny1769 Methuen, MaAFT Feb 1804
14.Hannah1771 Methuen, MaAFT 1804

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