Daniel Bodwell, III (1748-1808)

Son of: Daniel 1721

Daniel is buried in the Village Cemetary, Methuen Mass. (Graves of Reolutionary Patriots, Vol 1.) Daniel died insolvent (Essex Antiquarian, p. 175.)

The following account of military service was written about David Perry:
In April of 1781 he enlisted in Captain [Jelles A.] Funday 's Company [sic] of Colonel John McKinster's Regiment [sic] and served at Albany and Saratoga. On June 10th, 1781 he was recruited to serve until the end of the war in Captain Jelles Fonda's Company by Lieutenant Josiah Richardson and in the April of 1782 they were marched up the Mohawk River and placed in the company of Captain Jonathan Piercy of Lieutenant Colonel Willett's Regiment. Perry states that while in the Mohawk Valley they were reviewed by General Lord William Alexander Sterling. During the summer of 1782 he was engaged in building a barracks and a blockhouse at Canajoharie. In February of 1783 he states they were marched from Canajoharie to Duanesburgh, Currysbush, and adjacent areas and joined with twenty to thirty wagon teams which then proceeded on to Fort Herkimer where they were joined by a Rhode Island Regiment consisting mostly of Blacks; after three to four days this force marched for Fort Oswego by way of Fort Stanwix. From Fort Oswego he returned to Fort Herkimer; during the expedition his feet were frozen en route and he states has yet to recover from the injuries this caused. After remaining about three weeks at Fort Herkimer he transferred to the hospital at Fort Plain and remained there until about June of 1783. In the fall of 1783 he marched to Schenectady and was there discharged on January 6, 1784. Perry states he remembers seeing General George Washington at Fort Herkimer. He states that others of his company discharged on January6 th , 1784 were: (among others) Daniel Bodwell.

BornDiedMarried Spouse
14 Oct 1748BEF 9 Sep 1808 2 Jan 1772Alice Messer
Methuen, MaMethuen, Ma Methuen, Mab. 28 Jul 1751

Children of Daniel and Alice (Messer) Bodwell

NameBirth Date Birth PlaceDeath Date Death Place
1.Elizabeth3 Jan 1773 Methuen, MaOct, 1773 Methuen, Ma
2.Elizabeth7 Sep 1774 Methuen, Ma
3.William Messer 7 Sep 1777Methuen, Ma 1 Aug 1842Methuen, Ma
4. Daniel, IV 20 Jun 1780Methuen, Ma 30 Jun 1857Lawrence, Ma
5.Alice B.4 Jun 1782 Methuen, Ma22 Aug 1828 Bethel, Me
6.Lydia17 Oct 1784 Methuen, Ma
7.Frederick 8 Apr 1787Methuen, Ma 13 May 1868Lawrence, Ma
8.John 24 Jun 1792Methuen, Ma
9.Persis24 Jan 1795 Methuen, Ma18 Nov 1866


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