Welcome to the Bodwell Family Home Page. The information that is contained herein is the culmination of a century of research principally by five different family members who put in endless hours researching the family lines: Geoffrey L. Bodwell, Albert Bodwell, John T. Bodwell, Jean Bodwell Lohr, and Bessie L. Bodwell Kolterman. I hope you find the information entertaining, and useful.

In many ways the story of the Bodwell family story is the story of America and Canada. For the most part, the Bodwells were people of real grit and determination; ready to fight when the cause was just; ready to serve as state and national legislators and pastors and ministers, when hearing the call. Whether a Bodwell or not, you can get a pretty good feeling for history by reading the biographies that are indicated by (*) next to marked names on the Index of Names. In the coming months and years I will fill in as much of this history as I can uncover. You are cordially invited to sit back and explore the Bodwells and North America.

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