William Levi Bodwell (ABT 1838-1863)

William graduated from Wesleyan College in 1860.

William was Private in Company "C" of the 27th Connecticut Infantry. He was shot in the lung 2 July, 1863; died 5 July at II Corps hospital and is buried at Schwartz's "Red Rock" Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He resided in Norwalk, Conn.

The 27th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Division had two companies present at The Battle of Gettysburg on July second. These were attached to the 4th Brigade, commanded by Col. John R. Brooke who was wounded that day, of the 1st Division, commanded by General John C. Caldwell, under II Corps command of Major General W.S. Hancock. William's unit went into action during the afternoon battle of the Wheatfield, just north and to the west of Little Round Top. Because he was evacuated to the II Corps hospital after being wounded, it is believed that he was mortally wounded during the initial action in the Wheatfield, rather than later during the successful Confederate counterattack. A description of William's part of the battle follows:

"Anderson's brigade was busily engaged with Cross' brigade. Colonel McKeen, discovering that most of his men were dangerously low on ammunition, reported the problem to Caldwell, who promply sent his reserve brigade, under Col. John R. Brooke, to relieve McKeen'' men. Brooke's brigade went into action (from left to right) as follows: 2nd Deleware, 64th New York, 53rd Pennsylvania, 27th Connecticut and 145th Pennsylvania. As they swept forward into the Wheatfield, the 61st New York, 81st Pennsylvania and the right seven companies of the 148th Pennsylvania withdrew. The remaining companies of the 148th Pennsylvania and the 5th New Hampshire stayed in line and continued sparring with Anderson's right flank

Brooke continued to drive through the Wheatfield and approached the stone wall. Here Anderson's Georgians fired a volley and then began a fighting withdrawal, heading back through Rose's Woods in the same general direction from which they had entered the area two hours earlier. It was during this retrograde movement that a large number of Anderson's men were captured." ("Anderson Attacks the Wheatfield", by Jay Jorgenson, Gettysburg Magazine, January, 1996.)

Prior to

Son of: Henry 1805

ABT 18385 Jul 1863
NyGettysburg, Pa

William Bodwell's grave stone
Norwalk Union Cemetery, Norwalk, Connecticut
photo courtesy of Ann Blystone.


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