Henry Edwin Bodwell (1804-1875)

Son of: Joseph 1775

In 1886, son Henry E Bodwell operated a newsdealer business on Washington Street. In April of that year the building Henry occupied burned to the ground. His contents were insured for $1,500. NY Times, April 21, 1886.

In 1891, son Henry E. Bodwell operated a bookstore and stationer at 74 Washington St., Norwalk.

Henry E. Bodwell, a well known stationer of South Norwalk, Ct. died recently in that city, aged sixty.
eight years. Mr. Bodwell was born in Williamsburg, NY and received his education there. He traveled
considerably during his earlier years, and visited different parts of the country. Mr. Bodwell ha been in the
stationery business in South Norwalk for the past fourty years. He entered business with Edwin G. Hoyt of Arch
street, Norwalk under the firm name of Bodwell and Hoyt. Mr. Hoyt subsequently redtired from the firm and Mr. Boddwell
had since conducted the business. He was a man of sterling integrity, kindly and well liked by all who had any extended
association with him.
Source: Walden's Stationer and Printer, Volumes 19-20, p. 9





27 Nov 1804

2 Apr 1875

ABT 1828

Sarah Ann Moore

Ridgefield, Ct.

Norwalk, Ct.


b. 22 Aug 1807

Children of Henry and Sarah (Moore) Bodwell



Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place


Esther S

ABT 1829

Norwalk, Ct.




Mary A.

ABT 1830

Norwalk, Ct

AFT 1863



Henry E.

Mar 1835


AFT 1920

Norwalk, Ct


William Levi

ABT 1838


5 Jul 1863

Gettysburg, Pa


Hannah M.

ABT 1841


AFT 1863



Georgianna M.

ABT 1843


AFT 1863



John Hanford

Jun 1846

Newark, Nj

12 Feb 1932

Norwalk, Ct.

Information provided by Sarah Bodwell Dunlap, daughter of Adele Marjorie Bodwell

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