William Bodwell (1763-1823)

Son of: Joshua 1736

William was a private in Capt. John Peabody's company, Colonel Ebenezer Francis' Regiment on November 29, 1776. (Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Vol II.) At the time William would be almost 14 years old.

According to William's pension deposition: William entered into the army the 1st day of March, 1777, in the company commanded by Captain John Wiley, in the Sixth Regiment of the Massachusetts Line, Michael Jackson, Colonel; John Brooks Lieut. Col.; William Hull Major. He served as a private first in the Northern Army wherein with his regiment he was at the capture of General Burgoyne with his army. William was present at both Saratoga battles prior to General Burgoyne's capture. From there he marched with his company to Valley Forge where he spent the winter. Soon after and before the expiration of his first term of enlistment, he re-enlisted September 28, 1779 at West Point, New York in Colonel Michael Jackson's 8th regiment, and remained until the army was disbanded at the peace in 1783. During this second enlistment, William was engaged in Monmouth Battle where he was captured with Colonel Thompson and escaped the same day.

William was described at the time of his first enlistment as: stature 5 feet, 4 inches; complexion light, hair light.

William and Rachel settled the Reuben Robinson place, west of Dutton's Pond in 1787. (Presumed to be near or in Antrim, New Hampshire but the Diary of Matthew Patten of Bedford, Nh references a Wm Bodwell who shared oxen with Patten on May 26, 1788). In 1800 he went to Ohio and he died there in 1834 .

Its not clear whether William and Rachel were divorced before he left for Ohio, or divorced later, or whether he simply abandoned his family and later married Mary (Brice) she first married Bell. (Belmont County Ohio Marriage Liscenses)

William Bodwell, s42629, MA Line, Appl. 30 Apr 1818, Athens County, Ohio, aged 59, a former resident of Methuen in Essex County, Mass. In 1820 Soldier had a wife and children, to wit, daughters aged 14, 11, and 7, sons aged 9, and 2. Served as a Corporal. (Abstract of Revolutionary War Pension Files).

The Pension Roll of 1835 shows William drawing an annual pension of $96) Apparently, the pension act of 1818 only provided for those veterans who were in difficult circumstances. From William's pension application we learn that: " My occupation is that of a farmer. I am in tolerable health and capable of labor as most men of my age (59). My family consists of a wife who is healthy and active, and 5 children, the eldest a daughter 14 years old, feeble and not able to give me much aid, the second a daughter of 11 years, healthy and active. I have a daughter of 7 years who has continually for 5 years been under the care of a Physician and her necessary expenses have consumed all the produce of my labor. I have two other sons ages 9 and 2 years old.

By July 4, 1820, William had recently purchased 160 Acres of land in Athens County, for $430 of which he made a down payment of $20 and promised to pay interest. His assets were listed as follows:

Schedule of property of Wm Bodwell

1 Cow 1 Trough

2 yearling calves 3 Hoes

8 Sheep 4 Augers

8 divine of 100 lb 1 Windlass

4 small pigs 1 square

6 fowls 2 chisels

1 horse 1 axe

One tract of land of 160 acres, the consideration of which was 48 dollars, which is mortgaged by me for 430 dollars with interest thereon from March 10th 1819. I having paid but 20 dollars for said land from the monies received for my Pension and the land is not mortgaged for the residence.

1 Kettle (Iron) of 10 Gallons 1 Frying Pan

1 Iron Pot of 1 ½ Gallons 1 Par of Shovel and Tongs

½ doz Plates Liverpool ware 4 wooden bowls

½ doz tea cups and saucers 3 ________

½ doz knives and forks

footnote: William received his pension in April of 1819. He apparently bought the land in contemplation of receiving the pension. William's 1819 farm was in Alexander Township, Athens County, Oh

BornDiedMarried Spouse
21 Jan 1763ca Apr 1823 8 Feb 1786Rachel French
Methuen, MaAthens Co. Oh Haverhill, Mab. 10 Aug 1762 Atkinson, Nh
15 Mar 1805 Mary Brice
Belmont Co, Oh ca. 1775

Children of William and Rachel (French) Bodwell

NameBirth Date Birth PlaceDeath Date Death Place
1.William 6 Sep 1786Antrim, Nh Feb 1816Stow, Ny
2.Sally 4 Sep 1788 Antrim, Nh25 Apr 1804 Antrim, Nh
3.John 5 Sep 1790Antrim, Nh ca 1834Stow Twp, Oh
4. Hannah25 Jan 1793 Antrim, NhAFT 1789Atkinson, Nh?
5.Anne (Anna?)24 Mar 1795 Antrim, Nhaft 1881Peterborough, Nh
6.Ede (Eade)30 Jul 1797 Antrim, Nh1811Atkinson, Nh
7.Priscilla3 Mar 1800 Antrim, Nh18 Oct 1803 Antrim, Nh

Children of William and Mary (Brice) Bodwell

NameBirth Date Birth PlaceDeath Date Death Place
8Mary AnnApr 1806 Oh9 Oct 1865Alexander Twp, Oh
9.Esther 23 Oct 1807 Oh5 Sep 1857Alexander Twp, Oh
10.Robert Price 29 Apr 1811Oh12 Sep 1857 New Hampshire, Oh
11(Daughter)1810-1820 OhAft 1820Alexander, Oh?
12.Joshua 9 Aug 1818Athens Co, Oh? 17 Jan 1857Carthage, Oh

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