Noble Irwin Bodwell (1898-1962)

Son of: Celsius 1854

During the Great Depression of the 1930's, Noble was trying to find work to support his family. He would go down to the rock quarry near Winterset with his lunch pail and wait outside the gate to see if anyone would quit. After a week or so, the quarry forman stopped and offered him a job. Noble had a great fear of bees, although rattlesnakes did not bother him in the least. One day he opened his lunch pail to find that one of his fellow workers had placed a bee inside. The next day, the hapless co-worker opened his lunch pail to find a rattler in his. That put an end to practical jokes played on Noble.

BornDiedMarried Spouse
15 Aug 189831 Mar 1962 ABT 1916Verna Epperson
(?), TxWinterset, Ia b. 27 Nov 1899

Children of Noble and Verna (Epperson) Bodwell

NameBirth Date Birth PlaceDeath Date Death Place
1.Herman Adelbert 2 Feb 1917Kulatucado, Ok
2.Grant Odell10 Dec1918 Tx16 Feb 1922
3.Melvin Vincent 2 Jan 1922Van Meter, Ia 25 May 1969Dayton, Oh
4. Wallace Nelson 19 Jul 1923Winterset, Ia
5. Robert Glenn 18 Nov 1932Winterset, Ia 21 Feb 2014Avinger, Tx
6.Rev. Shirley Duane 29 Jul 1934Winterset, Ia
7.Norman Gene26 Jan 1936 Madison Co, Ia26 Jan 1936 Madison Co, Ia.
8.Marilyn Omega7 Mar 1939 Winterset, Ia


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