George Prescott Bodwell / Broadwell (1847- )

Son of: Parker 1809

Wini Bowen's research indicates that George's father Parker changed the spelling of the family name to Broadwell by 1850. Wini believes that the Southern Ohio pronunciation of Bodwell sounds more like Broadwell.

BornDiedMarried Spouse
31 Aug 1847Aft 1893 Bef 1870Irene Clark
Covington, KySt. Louis, Mo Covington, Kyb. 31 Mar 1849

Children of George and Irene (Clark) Bodwell / Broadwell

NameBirth Date Birth PlaceDeath Date Death Place
1.Horatio C. Broadwell 20 Jan 1871?Newport, KyAft 1901 St. Louis, Mo?
2.Frank Parker Broadwell 27 Feb 1873?St. Louis Mo Aft 1920St. Louis, Mo?
3.Joseph Christian Broadwell 17 Mar 1877?St. Louis, Mo Aft 1920St. Louis, Mo?
4. George P. Broadwell 6 Jun 1880?St. Louis, Mo Aft 1920St. Louis, Mo?
5. James J. Broadwell 17 Nov 1883St. Louis, Mo Aft 1920St. Louis, Mo?
6. Clarence B. Broadwell St. Louis, Mo
7. Middleton B. Broadwell 12 SepNorth Vernon, In

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