Earl Alvin Bodwell (1885-1958)

Son of: Alvin 1839

Left to right: Nona Rae, Katharyn, Earl, Kathy Lea (Nona's daughter), and Neil. Photo courtesy of Nona Larson, Waynesville, Mo (Neil's daughter)

 Earl worked for a time in the mine office in Bon Carbo, Colorado. In 1925 he relocated his family to Trinidad, Colorado where he drove an oil truck for the Trinidad Oil. Co. until 1941.  In 1941, he took a job as custodian of Centennial Junior High School in Trinidad retiring in 1948.





20 Jan 1885

12 Jun 1958

18 Oct 1909

Alta N. Palmer

Lebanon, Ne

Trinidad, Co

Hugo, Co




30 Oct 1918

Kathryn Rae Waterman



Lebanon, Ne

b. 29 Dec 1891

Children of Earl and Kathryn (Waterman) Bodwell



Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place


Neil Alvin

3 Feb 1923

Lebanon, Ne

7 Aug 1996

Escondido, Ca


Nona Rae

7 Jun 1924

Bon Carbo, Co



Katharyn and Earl on their wedding day. Photo courtesy of Nona Larson, Waynesville, Mo.

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