William Henry G. Bodwell (1834-1866)

Son of John 1800

William received his education in the public schools of Sanford, and learned the trade of shoemaking, which he followed most of his active years. He had to give up active labor and business about a year before his death. In politics Mr. Bodwell was a Democrat; in religion an orthodox Congregationalist. (St. of Maine p.779)

The Sanford directory for 1893 lists Mrs E. Bodwell, widow, living at 6 School Road.

BornDiedMarried Spouse
31 Dec 183420 Jul 1866 17 Dec 1856Eliza Bennett
Sanford, MeSanford, Me Sanford, Meb. 28 Feb 1836

Children of William and Eliza (Bennett) Bodwell

NameBirth Date Birth PlaceDeath Date Death Place
1.Charles Allen 4 Sep 1857Sanford, Me 6 Jun 1911Sanford, Me
2.Liallian Frances2 Mar 1858 Sanford, Me27 Nov 1897 Sanford, Me
3.Nellie Maria1860 Sanford, Me1878Sanford, Me
4. Abiie Julia18 Mar 1862 Sanford, Me29 Dec 1919 Sanford, Me
5.William John 19 Feb 1864Sanford, Me 19 May 1946Sanford, Me
6.Stillman A.1866 Sanford, Me1875

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