Dr. Mortimer Bodwell (1804-1887)

Son of: Asa 1775

"Dr. Mortimer Bodwell had a bill to Embden of lb 4.75....In 1839, Dr. Bodwell's bills against the town amounted to lb 69.13. Embeden Town of Yore, p. 633

BornDiedMarried Spouse
1804188723 Jan 1833 Eunice P. Leavitt
Somersworth, Nh?Solon, Me? Solon, Meb. ABT 1802

Children of Mortimer and Eunice (Leavitt) Bodwell

NameBirth Date Birth PlaceDeath Date Death Place
1.Henry Mortimer 1838Solon, Me7 Feb 1884 Solon, Me?
2.Elizabeth A.ABT 1839 Solon, Me?AFT Jul 1860 Solon, Me?
3.Mary B. ABT 1841 Solon, Me?AFT Jul 1860 Solon, Me?
4. Charles Mortimer ABT 1843Solon, Me? 1880-1900Solon, Me?
5.EuniceABT 1846 Solon, Me?AFT Jul 1860 Solon, Me?


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