Bodwell Line of Descent


  1. Beli Mawr - King of Britain about 100 BC Beli Mawr and the Belgae
  2. Lludd ap Beli - His brother Caswallon was the general who opposed Julius Ceasar
  3. Aflech ap Lludd
  4. Assallach ap Aflech
  5. Owain ap Assallach
  6. Brydwyn ap Owain
  7. Diwg ap Brydwyn
  8. Onwedd ap Diwg
  9. Onweredd ap Onwedd
  10. Gorddyfyn ap Onweredd
  11. Dyfyn ap Gorddyfyn
  12. Gwrddali ap Dyfyn
  13. Doli ap Gwrddbli
  14. Gwgan ap Doli
  15. Cain ap Gwrgan
  16. Genedawg ap Cain
  17. Iago ap Genedawg
  18. Tegyd ap Iago
  19. Padarn Beisrudd ap Tegyd
  20. Edeyrn ap Padarn Beirudd - He was Dux Britanniarum (Leader of the Britons) b. 364
  21. Cunedda Wledig ap Edeyrn - Duke of Britain. Eigr, the fair Ygraine of romance and mother of King Arthur, is likewise said to have been the daughter of Anlawdd, by Gwen, the daughter of Cunedda Wledig.The Mabingonglon
  22. Einion Yrth ap Cunedda - King of Gwynedd and Anglesey from 369-443
  23. Caswallon Llaw-Hir - King of Gwynedd from 443-517
  24. Maelgwyn Hir Gwynedd ap Caswallon - Ruled Gwynedd from 525-547
  25. Rhun Hir ap Maelgwyn Hir Gwyneed -Ruled Gwynedd form 560-586
  26. Beli ap Rhun - King of Gwynedd and Cubria from 586-599
  27. Llydd ap Beli
  28. Cadfael ap Llydd
  29. Tangno ap Cadfael
  30. Collwyn ap Tangno - Lord of Ardudwy and Eifionydd and founder of the fifth and fifteen noble tribes of Wales.
  31. Merwydd Goch ap Collwyn
  32. Gwgan ap Merwydd
  33. Einion ap Gwgan
  34. Meredydd ap Einion
  35. Howel ap Meredydd
  36. Gruffydd ap Howel
  37. Einion ap Gruffydd - High Sheriff of Carnarvon from 1354-1356
  38. Ifan ap Einion - He was High Sheriff of Carnarvonshire in 1389
  39. Madog ap Ifan - died 1415
  40. Howel ap Madog
  41. Madog ap Howel
  42. John Bovel ap Madog - lived in the time of Henry VIII. He was the first to take the name Bodvel about 1558
  43. Hugh ap John
  44. Sir John Wynn - Standard bearer to John, Earl of Warwick at the battle of Norwich in 1549 (also known as Ket's Rebellion). "His hors was slaine under him and himself hurt and yett he upheld the great stander of England". For this he was richley rewarded with both offices and lands, including some of the former lands of the abbey of Bardsley on the island itself and on the mainland. He was accused of using both office and land to promote piracy, with the island as a depot for his loot and his public position to shield him from prosecution.("Haynes Llyn History"). And this from the Dictionary of Welsh Biography: BODVEL (WYNNE and GWYNNE ), of Bodvel (Caerns.) , Caerfryn (Anglesey ), etc. The Bodvels, who trace their descent from Collwyn ap Tangno, first come into public notice with JOHN WYN ap HUGH of Bodvel (d. 1576), who bore the royal standard for Warwick (later Northumberland) against the Norfolk rebels (1549), and was rewarded with the grant of Bardsey Island, which he was alleged in 1569 to be using as the headquarters of a highly-organized nest of pirates
  45. Hugh Gwyn Bodvel - High Sheriff of Carnoarvonshire in 1589. Again from the Dictionary of Welsh Biography: "His son HUGH GWYN (BODVEL) (d. 1611) was imprisoned for opposition to the earl of Leicester (son of his father's patron) as ranger of Snowdon forest, and while he was still in durance a commission was issued (1578) to Nicholas Robinson, bishop of Bangor (q.v.), and Elis Prys (q.v.) to investigate his relations, as a ‘known papist,’ with his brother-in-law Hugh Owen of Plas Du (1538-1618) (q.v.) in exile at Brussels. No incriminating evidence was found, and in 1589, after reconciliation with Leicester, Bodvel was elected M.P. for Caernarvonshire, serving also as sheriff in 1589 and 1597."
  46. Henry Bodvel - He was a lawyer and practiced in London and Wales. Later deputy vice-admiral for North Wales. From British History on-line: "All the lands in the county of Carnarvon belonging to the ancient priory, were granted by King Edward VI., in the second year of his reign (1548), to Robert and Henry Bodvel." From: 'Barry - Bettesfield', A Topographical Dictionary of Wales (1849), pp. 68-81. URL: Date accessed: 15 July 2007.
  47. Henry Bodvel - died 1656
  48. Henry Bodwell b. Apr 1651 at Bodvel, Carnarvon, d. 1 Jun 1745, Methuen, Mass.