John Watson Bodwell (1946- )

John W. Bodwell is a Partner in the Connersville, Indiana law firm of Baker & Bodwell, PC. In 1996 Living in Connersville, Indiana. Daughter Kerry was on the swim team at Ball State University and graduated in 1999.  She works for WTHR Channel 13 in Indianapolis.  

Son of:Francis 1908





30 Mar 1946


28 Apr 1973

Barbara Jo Harvey

Indianapolis, In


Valparaiso, In

b. 13 Mar 1947

Children of John and Barbara (Harvey) Bodwell



Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place


Christopher Jon*

20 Jul 1975

Indianapolis, In




Kerry Elizabeth

8 Apr 1977

Indianapolis, In



* Chirstopher is a graduate of the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University and owns  He is also a home builder in the Indianapolis area operating as Belmont Homes.

December 27, 1996
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