Horace Jefferson Bodwell (1848 - 1912)

Son of Horace 1816

Horace Jefferson was a jeweler and optician in Lynn, Mass.

BornDiedMarried Spouse
7 Mar 184820 Apr 1912 1 Sep 1869Josephine Ricker
Acton Corners, MeLynn, Ma Haverhill, Ma
Lillian P. Beombard
b. Mar 1869

Children of Horace and Josephine (Ricker) Bodwell

NameBirth Date Birth PlaceDeath Date Death Place
1.Roy21 May 1870 Biddeford, Mein infancy
2.Blanche JosephineABT 1873 Lynn, Ma.
3.Lillian Eliza27 Jul 1880 Lynn, Ma

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