Hason Fletcher Sinclair Bodwell (1852-1932)

Son of: James 1820

In 1897, Hason was a farmer in Dereham Township, Oxford County, Ontario. (Estate of Joseph David Smith, 1897 http://www.library.elgin-county.on.ca/~frank/ESTATE3.TXT

In 1910, Caroline (Clara) S. Bodwell wrote a piece for the Kith and Kin of The Bodwell's newsletter. The article entitled "A Prairie Fire" provides a window of insight into an aspect of life on the Alberta prairie at the turn of the century.

BornDiedMarried Spouse
30 Aug 185228 Mar 1932 20 Jun 1888Susan Caroline Smith
Mt. Elgin, OntRed Deer, Alta Tillsonburg, Ontb. 16 Apr 1869

Children of Hason and Susan (Smith) Bodwell

NameBirth Date Birth PlaceDeath Date Death Place
1.Charlotte Marion4 May 1889 Mt. Elgin, Ont26 Nov 1927 Hillsdown, Alta
2.Mary Bryant20 May 1891 Mt. Elgin, Ont23 Apr 1919 Hillsdown, Alta
3.Jared Fletcher22 Feb 1893 Mt. Elgin, Ont14 Oct 1918 France
4. John Douglas 6 Mar 1895Mt. Elgin, Ont 11 Aug 1974Red Deer, Alta
5.Norine Kent10 Jan 1897 Mt. Elgin, Ont16 Aug 1923 Hillsdown, Alta
6.Sara Isabelle Gladys 1 Dec 1898Mt. Elgin, Ont 15 Dec 1979Red Deer, Alta
7. James Gordon18 Apr 1900 Mt. Elgin, Ont21 Nov 1928 Red Deer, Alta


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