Harold Fremont Bodwell (1902-1967)

Son of: Neil 1865

Harold worked at the Raymond Akers Dowel Mill from 1959 to 1967.





25 Jun 1902

26 Mar 1967

15 Oct 1929

Eva Agnes Damon

Andover, Me

Norway, Me

Rumford Cr., Me

b. 26 Apr 1906

Children of Harold and Eva (Damon) Bodwell



Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place


Allen Robert

9 Jun 1933

Rumford, Me




David Henry

8 Sep 1935

Andover, Me

May 1994

Oxford, Me


Ruth Helen

2 Sep 1949

Rumford, Me



Social Security Death Index

David H. Bodwell graduated from Andover High School and lived in the Andover, Maine area all of his life.  He served in the U. S. Air Force as an Airman Second Class from November 1955 to August 1959.  He worked at Andover Wood Products for many years as a lift operator until his retirement.  He served as Andover road commissioner from 1967 to 1968.  (local obtituary).

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