Franklin Pierce Bodwell (1853-1917)

Son of: John 1823





2 Jul 1853

5 May 1917

27 Jun 1876

Mallie Mae Hickok

Shapleigh, Me

Bethlehem, Nh

Lincoln, Ne

b. 27 Aug 1861

Children of Franklin and Mallie (Hickok) Bodwell



Birth Date

Birth Place

Death Date

Death Place


Sara May

9 Apr 1881

Atchinson, Ks

17 Sep 1970

Morrison, Co


Franklin Pierce, Jr


Denver, Co

at 2 months

Denver, Co


Franklin Pierce, II

10 May 1887

Denver, Co

13 Sep 1946

New York, Ny



24 Jun 1889

Denver, Co

31 Jul 1981

Getzville, Ny


Paul David

2 Feb 1891

Denver, Co

Nov 1953

Wellsville, Pa


Clare Thomas

20 Oct 1893

Riverton, Ne

1 Feb 1976

Pompano Bch, Fl


Eulalia Corinne

6 Apr 1896

Riverton, Ne

26 Jun 1970

Sugar Hill, Nh


Dorothy Patrice *

24 Feb 1905

Bethlehem, Nh

16 Apr 1995

Boulder, Co

Children of Franklin Pierce Bodwell

Sara and her brothers and sisters Frank, Helena, Paul, Tom and Corinne. The picture was taken about 1900 which was before the birth of Dorothy Patricia. Photos courtesy of Leslie Ann Dobson.

        *Mrs. Kennedy's (Dorothy's) late husband, Donald Snow Kennedy, founded the D.S. Kennedy & Co., a radar antenna and radio telescope designer and manufacturer in Cohasset in 1945. The firm built the radio telescope for Harvard University's Agassiz Observatory in the town of Harvard. The Kennedys lived many years on the South Shore and as members of Hingham Yacht Club, often cruised along the coast with their children. Mrs. Kennedy, who wrote an autobiography, "Baked Potatoes in My Pockets," and articles about her extensive travels in Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States. She enjoyed the arts and reading and had many hobbies. Born in Bethlehem, N.H., she grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, which she always considered home. She taught school after attending college. Mrs. Kennedy lived in Medford, Ore., 12 years before moving to the Atrium in Boulder six months ago. The wife also of the late John Keith Jaco and William Ernest Nichols Quincy Patriot Ledger April 19, 1995

        Sara Mae Bodwell

Sara Mae Bodwell near Central Park, NYC 1911

In 1911, Sara sold Brand's A-1 Steak Sauce from her electric car to restaurants and tearooms in Hartford, Connecticut. Later on, she sold the steak sauce to railroads for their dining car patrons, thus doing a lot of coast-to-coast train travel from 1912-1913. (Sara's granddaughter: Lesley Ann Hawking Chase Olerud-Dobson.)



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