Enoch Bodwell (1794-1870)

Son of: Joshua 1765

The 1860 census lists Enoch's occupation as Farmer.

BornDiedMarried Spouse
16 Sep 179421 Dec 1870 4 Mar 1817Elizabeth Bell
PaLodi Twp, OhMarietta, Oh b. 24 Oct 1799
22 Mar 1862 Mary Huff
Athens Co, Oh b.

Children of Enoch and Elizabeth (Bell) Bodwell

NameBirth Date Birth PlaceDeath Date Death Place
1. Sarah Belinda3 Feb 1819 Marietta, Oh20 Mar 1896 Timmath, Co
2.(Son)ABT 1822 Oh1830-40
3.Edith AnnABT 1823 Lodi Twp, Oh?Dec 1877 Canaan Twp, Oh?
4.Mary AnnABT 1825 Lodi Twp, Oh20 Mar 1847 Lodi Twp, Oh
5.George Washington 9 Apr 1827Lodi Twp, Oh 13 Dec 1874Good Hope, Oh
6.(daughter)1825-30 Lodi Twp, OhAft 1840 Lodi Twp, Oh
7. Oliver P. 26 Aug 1830Lodi Twp, Oh 21 Aug 1884Lodi Twp, Oh
8John P. 1835/40Lodi Twp, Oh? AFT 1883Anglaize Co, Oh
9.Ann Eliza17 Jan 1838 Lodi Twp, Oh?AFT 1870
10Harrietca 1837 Lodi Twp, Oh?AFT 1850 Lodi Twp, Oh
11.(Son)1835/40 Lodi Twp, Oh?AFT 1860

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