Albert Edward Bodwell (1853-ABT 1930)

Son of: Joseph 1812

Albert was the first family member to actively search out the family roots. Unmarried and childless, he spent his leisure hours writing letters, researching records, and books relating to geneology. Albert planned to write a book on the family roots. In a 1904 letter he wrote to Cora Bodwell of Grand Rapids, Albert stated that he was at work on an elaborate history of the Bodwell family, which he proposed to make, as he said, the "high-dick-a-daddy" book of its kind. The frontispiece was to be the old Bodwell house correctly emblazoned with shield, helmat, mantling wreath, crest, moto, etc., in their correct colors and metals. Albert was fairly secret about what he had found, although he did on occasion share some lineal information that would show a members relationship to Henry 1651. As his years advanced, the book remained unpublished, and he retired to a home in Worcester, Massachusetts. By 1940 John Theodore Bodwell was into researching the family tree and having heard about Albert's research, went looking for him. According to the administrators of the home, all of Albert's material were thrown away after he died. Sad as this story may be, Albert deserves a great deal of credit for his work on the Bodwell family roots. It's a whole lot easier to look for something that you know is there. And Albert let it be known that that much had been found. Albert also established the fact that Henry 1651 was the emigrant ancestor. And he established that Henry came from Wales and was related to Welsh nobility.

BornDiedMarried Spouse
26 Jun 1853ABT 1930
Farmington, MaWorcester, Ma


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